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Love the idea of putting Piquin bombs. I'm eating my first batch right now. I put about a half a garlic flower in mine, sections broken out, crushed partially with my chefs knife and crudely peeled. First I saute the garlic until golden (more skins come off which just flip out of the pan.) on medium high heat. I can get 900 gm containers of dry roasted peanuts cheap here (USA), so i make it 900 gr at a time.

Shizzling Food

Hey there - thanks for the comment. Love the idea of sauteed/roasted garlic cloves in the mix.

Check out Nuclear Nuts - http://www.shizzling.com/2011/10/nuclear-nuts-recipe-mexican-nuts-with-piquin-chipotle-and-dried-habanero.html - they turn it up a notch or two. Three people I know have cried after (actually, while) eating them but came back for more.

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