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Shizzling Food

Design features I'm thinking about for a solar cooker that will work in the UK:

* Box style cooker with good insulation.
* Glazed / double glazed lid to retain as much heat as possible.
* Internal heat sink (black / copper)
* Fresnel lens / similar to concentrate light
* Adapt/cannibalise a cheap solar panel light to power a heating element inside the cooker.

What else could I experiment with?

Esteban Congoles

this isn't an efficient design at all, although the shape is along the right lines.
You might look at Mylar sheet, the kind they use for shipping, which is typically white on one side and silvered on the other. It's a ridiculously efficient reflector.
There would need to be wires to brace the shape externally, but just look at how modern kites are manufactured and you'll get the idea.
You need to think of the thermal sink imposed by the cast iron. Black is good, and high heat-holding capacity might let you cook on a little after sundown, but look up a carbon fibre or similar material appropriately coated for foodstuffs - low latent heat, but grabs it very well indeed.
Best of luck!

Shizzling Food

Hi Esteban,

Yes you're right, it isn't a very efficient design at all - but it did work.

I built it while I was on a brief vacation in the US so the materials I had to build it came from a large supermarket - windshield reflector, pan, roasting bags & gaffer tape - and I was resatricted by their stock.

Thanks for the tips.

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