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That's the sort of food that makes me thank anyone who'll listen that I'm not a vegetarian.

Shizzling Food

I made this again yesterday evening with much thicker steaks - almost 500g each - and put a coating of Chipotle sauce on the side that went into the pan first. It was all kinds of great on a plate.

MeatHub Inc.

You had me at jalapeno and creamed... yum :D

Nick Wesson

This looks wonderful. I think this may well be the main course I serve up at a future dinner. Any recommendations for some sort of potato or rice accompaniment or do you not think it needs it?

Shizzling Food

Hiya Nick,

In Smith & Wollensky, where I got inspired to make this recipe, they serve garlic fries as a side dish.

They also serve macaroni cheese(!), onion rings and a few others - here's their menu - http://smithandwollensky.com/media/Locations/3/Smith_Wollensky_Chicago_Dinner.2.pdf


Nothin like a black & blue block of meat.

I'm wary of creamed anything but might have to give this version a shot. Thanks again for the inspiration.

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