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ok :)

I've made the Mole sauce from one of the Cool Chili Co kits and it was fabulous (though not nearly as good as when a friend made it for me!) - strongly recommended!

Shizzling Food

That reminds me - I've got a jar of green mole and a jar of chocolate mole in the cupboard.


There's Lupe Pintos in Edinburgh or Glasgow

Marten Holdway

You can buy Mexican Tamales and mexican Tamale making ingredients at http://www.tamalesonline.co.uk recipes included

Shizzling Food

Thanks for the information Marten.


If interested in Mexican Sweet bread, Oaxaca cheese, Fresh cheese, Mexican chorizo (for scrambled eggs), fresh jicama, chayote, and chilli peppers, http://www.britmex.com offers new Mexican dishes and ingredients and send them to any European country from London, Barcelona and Nottingham. Directly from the producers and importers.

Access to the long list of products available is after registering in http://www.britmex.com/user/register

This is a superb blog!!

Britmex Food-Ondemand

We are also in facebook under profile BritMex.com for any special request of traditional Mexican food development.

Shizzling Food

Hi Andrew, Do you only do catering quantities or is it possible to make a smaller order?


Yes, you can make small orders from our section retail: http://www.britmex.com/

We have also added Party Packs for group size order at lower prices. Moreover, we recently have fresh products like jicama, tomatillos, poblano peppers, jalapenyo peppers, cactus paddles, and courgette flowers for stuffing.

Many thanks




Worth giving it a try

Shizzling Food

I use MexGrocer a lot. They're a very good and friendly bunch of people.


To me the best place for Mexican ingredients has to be mexika.co.uk they do everything from mexican ingredients to fresh tamale.

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