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I recommend toasting the unground seeds first. There's probably some science involved (oils released and other science-y science whatnots) but I've found that it helps round off the edges of flavors (for lack of a better term) and helps create a smoother, more blended flavor.

How'd the tumeric work out? I usually don't use it because I'm not a huge fan. I do love some cardamom though.

Shizzling Food

Tumeric gives it a kind of base flavour. It's a weird spice - I like it but it's a low tone rather than a high note.


It should taste good. I use some of those ingredients when I am grilling meat. I use pimentos, which are sort of like cloves, along with scotch bonnet pepper, onions and other ingredients. It gives a delicious flavor to fish, chicken, pork and even tofu.

I will have to try the turmeric one day since you have recommended it. Given what I know of how that spice tastes in food, it should be interesting. Thanks for sharing this tip. Keep the ideas coming.

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